About the DOGs

DOGs_flag_without_games.jpgThe DOGs are an adult-only, multi-game clan. We are a group of gamers who come together for one thing; to find a place to call home after a long day. DeviousOldGamers.com is that home.

We grow weary of the l33t gamers and other snot-nosed stereotypes that come to mind. In fact, we fully intend to teach those l33t gamers how its done. We’ll salute you with a chuckle as you rage quit because mommy made you go to bed after we kicked your butt! It’s our game now, go to bed so the grown-ups can play.

World region: Global (we have members from the US, UK, Aus, and more).

Life was breathed into the DOGs back when Wargame first came out. We were founded on the back of Wargame and will likely be caught playing it for a long time to come.

However, we play many other games. Even if its a single player game, we still hop on Teamspeak and do our thing with like minded friends.

At the end of the day, The DOGS is our virtual home where we can relax and get away from real life. Who knew it could be so fun teaching l33t kids to respect their elders?