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Title: Introduction Desmo
Post by: 1stSGT_Desmo on July 06, 2017, 05:31:05 PM
  Hey guys,
        Just applied. 1stSGT_Desmo here , real name is Desmond, call me Desmo or Des please. Work full tme, live in DE , U.S.A , (east coast)
I have been a PC only gamer since the release of BF1942.
I have been a gaming tech junkie and PC spec whore ever since. FPS multi -games are my favs but RPGs are quite often delved into when properly done.
I was clan leader for a U.S. / EU clan which has been recently disassembled. I have knowledge of inner workings of game servers and TS3 along with Procon etc.
I currently play PUBG exclusively but the BF series and COD are up for grabs if EA/DICE and Infinity Ward get their act together. See my Steam games list.
Hope to pop in looking for PUBG players or to explore other games when in -between .