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  • Must be 21+ years of age.
  • We require Teamspeak 3.
  • Must speak English understandably.
  • Absolutely no hacking, glitching, cheating, or snot-nosed whining attitudes.
  • Must be an active gamer and part of our community.

We are an adult only clan/guild. If you think 25 is old, then we might not be the right group for you. If you feel that playing with 30 and 40 year old’s is like playing with your parents, then consider if you’d be more comfortable with a different clan.

No complex in-game trials, applications, or other childish things. We’re here to have fun. But we do expect you to understand and follow our rules. They aren’t hard. As such, we are now basing the joining system around simply making sure you actually cared enough to look at and read our rules. If you don’t care enough about our rules, or even to just look over this simple joining page, then we don’t feel you are mature enough for us. We don’t want free-loaders, we want teammates. Anyone serious about looking for team players, will also be interested in what they stand for (their rules).

  1. Read the rules first!!!!!!!!!
  2. Join our Steam Group
  3. Find one of our admin on Teamspeak. Tell them you wish to join and that you understand you have to go over the rules with them first. This will bring you into the fold as a PUP; a probationary status to make sure we feelĀ  you meet our standards (which is a mature, respectful, adult looking to have fun with other like minded adults by making the l33t kids cry).
  4. Get to know us on Teamspeak. When one of the admins has gamed with you a bit and feels you are a good fit, he will make you a full DOG (at his discretion).
  5. Don’t forget to come back and help us teach proper manners to the aforementioned l33t kids on a regular basis.

This boils down to simply reading the rules, getting on Teamspeak and talking to one of our admins so we can verify you actually did read them, and then joining us in the gaming action. As long as you aren’t a moron, you’ll eventually be a full DOG.

Its that simple. Who knew it could be so fun teaching kids to respect their elders?