Star Citizen


Our Star Citizen Organization is looking for pilots just like you. Have you got what it takes?


  • Courage
  • Valor
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Moral Fortitude

Ever dreamed of life amongst the stars? Ever thought about life in the fast lane as a fighter pilot? Have you dared to dream about piloting your very own intergalactic capital ship?  Would you like to own your own carrier; transporting our fighter pilots into battle in exotic locations?

You don’t have to dream anymore. You could be in command of your very own space trading empire, smuggling ring, or combat air wing. No matter your skills, we can put you to work for a greater cause. We need all the pilots we can find.

Become a Star Citizen today and put your piloting skills to use where they are needed the most. You could help us make the l33t kids cry! Oh, the sweet ecstasy of teaching l33t kiddies to respect their elders.

If you’re not with the DOGs, then you’re nobody! Enlist now and become a true Star Citizen. For access to voice coms and other advanced tools, you’ll first have to join The DOGs.