Server Info

Note: Please make sure your identity in Teamspeak is the same as the one you use on the forums. Teamspeak / Settings / Identities

Push To Talk:

Please use “Push To Talk” (PTT) in your settings. The rule of thumb is that if we don’t know, then we don’t care. But if we do know, then it’s a problem that you’ll be required to fix (PUPs are required to use PTT).

Member [DOGs] features:

Full members can create their own channels. These are temporary channels that will be removed by the server after a few days of inactivity. If you are playing a game and we don’t have a channel for it, just create it. It will stick around for a bit so it doesn’t have to be recreated each day. But if its abandoned for several days, the server will clean it up automatically to reduce clutter. Make sure your channel names are GAME relevant, or they’ll be deleted.

Full members also have a few tools to deal with troublesome guests. They can kick guests, move them around on the server, or even set them to the “jailbird” server group (good fun… evil laugh). Please keep in mind that this is available so our members can deal with trouble makers. If it gets abused, you will loose the privilege by being demoted to a PUP. Common sense is the rule of thumb here.