Join The DOGs and use voice with other guild/clan mates to help teach the rest how Wargame was meant to be played. We have our own Wargame server for practice or clan matches.

Wargame goes back to our roots. The DOGs were founded on Wargame and we will always have a special place in our hearts for it.

Our fearless leader (ahem), found himself looking for a group of players to join on the Wargame forums. Yes, he came upon himself and discovered he was doing just that. He still won’t say if it was in first person or third person.

However, he came up empty handed while searching for a group to join on the Wargame forums. So he thought to himself that perhaps he should just form his own clan.

Almost overnight, The DOGs sprung to life. We were born on the fields of Wargame. We lived, ate, and breathed the dust of Wargame. Some of us still do.

If you’re a Wargamer looking for a guild, consider joining The DOGs.

Watch the DOGs on YouTube.