Aside from the requirements to join (such as age), membership in The DOGs is pretty straight forward. As we are an adult-only clan, we assume members are mature enough to act like adults. If they aren’t, then they don’t really belong with us, do they? That pretty much sums it all up. The rest of this page is for those who can’t figure it out on their own.


The DOGs are a community of adults. Our age requirements are 21+. Not 17, not 18, etc. This does not always define a mature person, and we have let people go that are much older. But we still require a minimum age of 21.


Definition: excellence of manners or social conduct; polite behavior.

Shouldn’t be too hard for any adult, right? This means that if I have to listen to an adult belch in my ear, trying to get attention, expect me to kick your ass out. Likewise, if a channel says something about streaming/recording, don’t jump in and yell, “what’s up ass holes”. Obvious childish behavior that fails the above definition will get you kicked out and likely banned.


I don’t like to give warnings when it comes to maturity. I’m a firm believer that if you don’t know how to act like an adult in the first place, then my warnings aren’t going to arbitrarily change the nature of your character. Either you are, or you aren’t mature. In other words, nothing I say is going to make you instantly grow up. And I have no desire to be your babysitter.


The DOGs will never tolerate cheaters, hackers, glitchers, or any other form of gaming the system which is abusive in nature. If it gives you an unfair advantage and wasn’t intended by the developers, then its cheating. No warnings, no exceptions, you’re just banned.


Full members of the DOGs have certain privileges on TS, such as being able to move people,  create channels, and so on. These things are easy enough to abuse. Such as dragging someone to 35 different channels until they get pissed off. Or just renaming someone’s channel to something offensive. While this may have been funny the first time, us long timers see it as well past old. Refer to the topics above about Courtesy and Maturity when deciding how to handle yourself. Because I don’t like having to explain to people how to be mature. Don’t be an ass on TS and expect me to feel a need to try to teach you otherwise; its your own responsibility to act properly. Its my responsibility to remove trouble makers (what else did you expect me to do).


Historically the DOGs have been a rowdy bunch. However, I know there are plenty of gamers who cringe when they join a group and all they hear is, “eff this and eff that” or “GD this and that”. Nobody is going to say anything if the occasional “shit” comes out of  your mouth. But keep it reasonable. I want adults that help keep member retention, not those who sound like a bunch of 15 year old’s and drive people away.

Politics / Religion / Race

Some of us are religious, some are not. But that’s not why we are here. We’re a gaming group. Nothing more, nothing less. Personal attacks about religion, politics, race, or etc, will not be tolerated. We discourage controversial discussions to begin with. Some can handle it respectfully, and others can’t. Regardless, we are here to get away from that and just have fun. So we prefer to not go there in the first place.

Poaching Members

Nobody will say anything if you play games with another group. However, if we are playing a given game, or trying to recruit and prepare for something, do not poach our members by trying to get them to join your other group. Members are free to come and go as they wish. But poaching members for a game that we are also playing or that we plan to play, is nothing less than sabotaging our efforts.

Non DOGs Clan Tags

Members of the DOGs are here because they joined the DOGs. As in, they came here to be one of us, not to advertise outside groups and poach members. Outside clan tags are not allowed on our server for our members (with the exception of members of DAY). If you join the DOGs its to become a DOG. Its not to place your other clan tags in your name to advertise them. While you are with others, you are part of that group. While you are with us, you are a DOG. If your time with us requires you to advertise for something else, than you didn’t really join to be one of us, did you?