Minecraft Rules

Objective: This server is here to facilitate fun for everyone. As such, this server runs on principles of community, common sense and trust.

We trust that everyone will work together to reduce lag, in order to allow us not to have to ban everything that can cause it. To this end, ask questions, find out if there are better solutions, and use Lag Goggles (in game use /info lag).

If you are one that doesn’t care how it affects others or the server, and only cares about the biggest baddest xyz, then you might not fit in here. Many servers ban items that can cause problems. We prefer to ban users that cause problems. We don’t want to block useful things. But we do have to respect the nature of the beast and use things with moderation so it doesn’t mess up the stability for others. This is where we trust each other and work as a community.

A small and incomplete list…

  • This server is intended to be family friendly. While I may have a sailors mouth with my buddies, I also recognize this server’s main chat is not the place.
  • Do not adjust your game client in ways that give advantages (teleport, speed hack, xray, etc) outside of what is intended by the designers. Cheaters get banned without further discussion. There is no exception. We don’t tolerate it. And we do check.
  • Everything must have an off switch and must be turned off before you log out. No overnight processes that use up server resources while you sleep. Use it while you’re in game, turn it off before you leave. If it can’t be turned off, then you can’t use it here.
  • Any kind of system (mob spawner or not) that leaves any entity trapped where it can’t move or is constantly bumping into others, is outlawed. A simple fenced in area for a ranch, can and will cause problems if there are too many things in it. If it can’t move freely or without constantly bumping into things, then it is NOT allowed. If you want a ranch, make sure there is plenty of room. If you want a mob spawner, find a way to do it without locking them up as described above.
  • Other spawning systems, such as those that dump 500 eggs in one place are not allowed here. If you can create a system without it being a chicken spawner breaking the rule above this one, that’s great. But it better be able to pick up all of the eggs also. This rule isn’t about chickens or eggs, either; it’s about spawning systems.
  • Quarries are allowed but must be limited to 1K RF. One way to limit this would be to use a leadstone fluxduct as the powerline. This doesn’t mean to run 600 quarries, each with 1K RF.  We want these to be usable, but that means we have to balance how we use them. But if you do want more than one, feel free to run them at 500 RF each for two, or 200 RF each for 5.
  • Don’t argue with or talk back to the admin. Certainly you can ask why if you don’t understand, but do not sit and argue about it. It’s not up to you until you pay for this server.
  • The admin has the final say in all things, whether or not the rules cover it.
  • If you know the admin wouldn’t like it, so you do it anyway and intentionally hide it… you’ll find yourself banned without another thought. We simply aren’t going to play games with those that could care less about the rules, could care less about those they affect on the server, and make more work for the admins to find the problem. If you don’t care about us, then we aren’t going to care about you. Simple as that.
  • Don’t build near spawn. Stay at least 500m away.
  • Don’t spam chat.
  • Don’t bypass the world barrier.
  • Players are responsible to use the grief prevention claim system to protect their … claims. It is the only way for others to know that something isn’t abandoned. Abandoned claims are up for grabs. If you don’t claim it, don’t complain when someone raids it. This may be a PVE server, but the only way for others to know an active player is using it, is because they claimed it.
  • Don’t beg for ranks/items, but you can certainly ask what tasks might be available to earn VIP/VIP+.
  • Respect players and administration
  • No racist, sexist, politically charged, or grandstanding remarks
  • Don’t abuse creative privileges
  • Rules are subject to change at any time by the discretion of the admins

Admin Solutions are generally in the form of, “What did you expect?” To put it in simple terms, we aren’t here to teach maturity. We are here to have fun, which requires us to keep this beast functional for everyone.

If something is a problem and you aren’t around… An admin may have no choice but to remedy the problem, which wouldn’t be the case if you had turned it off before you left.

It’s not our job to make you care about the server or how it affects others when you create a reactor that goes all the way to bedrock. However, it is our job to fix it. When you come back and find your reactor was replaced with dirt, we’re just going to say, “what did you expect?” But hey, you own a cool dirt monument to reactors now. A win win in my book.

If an admin says something is a problem or that it’s causing lag, don’t argue about it. Take care of it. It’s okay to ask if you don’t understand what the problem is. The admin here are all friendly and helpful.

But the most important thing is that the server works well for everyone, and that means the admin have the unlucky job of telling people when something isn’t going to work or dealing with it when the creators aren’t even around. And in that case, the answer is going to come back in the form of, “what did you expect?”

Likewise, sometimes something has to be dealt with right then, even if the creator is around. If someone created a mob spawner that makes it impossible for others to play, it’s not okay to expect others on the server to wait 40 minutes while you adjust it. No, it has to be fixed right then and there. What did you expect?

If you read all of this, type in “/kit IReadTheRules” to upgrade your account. And please do not ever tell anyone how you were upgraded. What they don’t know, is that all of us with the upgrade understand who cared enough to read the rules. Even if it’s your buddy, please just tell them they have to read the rules instead of telling them how to do it.

Hopefully you see these rules as intending to create a cooperative community where we don’t have to ban all sorts of items in the game. If using lag goggles or working together to deal with lag isn’t your thing, or if you see it as a problem that your skyscraper sized building of 4000 nuclear powered quarries will be turned into a dirt monument to the quarry god, then this server may not be for you.

Rules for Creative

Only granted for official server projects. Not for personal use.

  1. First, you have to empty your inventory completely.
  2. Then you can be given creative to work on the project.
  3. You have to stay in the area so long as you have creative; no spawning in things and taking them home.
  4. When the need for creative is over, you will be set back to survival mode and your inventory will be cleared.