VIP packages

The VIP packages are free, but they require in game contributions. Helping new players, helping with building projects for the server, and things of that nature. There isn’t any one thing that this is about. The more you help, the more you get noticed. And the more you get noticed, the more likely the admin will promote you to VIP.

It never hurts to ask if there are building projects that might be needed. But never beg for jobs or titles. You won’t get them. And in fact, will just annoy the admin making it less likely you’ll get what you want.

VIP Benefits

  • [VIP] Name tag
  • Home limit set to 5
  • /nick
  • Permission to use color in nick (See /info colors)
  • One Time VIP kit:
    • 2500 Claim Blocks
    • Nuke x1
    • Plutonium x64
    • Industrial TNT x64
  • Daily VIP kit:
    • Potion of Healing x3
    • Thankful Dinner x10

VIP+ Benefits

  • [VIP+] Name tag
  • Home limit set to 10
  • /top (teleport through ceiling),
  • /thru or /through (teleport through wall).
  • One Time VIP kit:
    • Dark Helm
    • Dark Plate
    • Dark Leggings
    • Dark Boots
    • Dark Steel Anvil
    • Dark Oak Armor Stand
  • Daily VIP+ kit:
    • Potions:
      • Nightvision x2
      • Invisibility x2
      • Waterbreathing x2